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Information and Communications Technology


Infrastructure for Societal Development:

Broadband, Cloud, Apps and Local Content

We build, operate and maintain

Wireless Broadband, Cloud, and Apps Services with Local Content

especially in

Emerging Market countries and Underserved Areas in the US such as Inner Cities, Appalachian Mountain, Bayou Communities, Rural Communities, and Native American Communities

Colleagues Working in Office

ICT Deployment and Value Added Services

  • Content and Local Apps

  • Broadband (Platform) Deployment

We Provide Your Personal Portal .......


   - Healthcare,

     - Entertainment,

       - Social Media,

         - Commerce,

           - Internet of Things,

             - Business, and

               - some Personal Space

......and Connect you to the World

The Information you want and the Services you need.

Content and Local Apps

We deploy Content and Local Apps tailored to the needs of the local communities. These Contents and Apps are for:

  • healthcare

  • education

  • market transactions

  • business solutions

  • security

  • entertainment and

  • much more


TGTeHealth encompass a range of systems and services at the cutting edge of medicine, healthcare and information technology.


We provide quality healthcare systems and services at budget prices and take the best healthcare systems and services to the underserved areas of the world (Inner Cities, Appalachian Mountain, Bayou Communities, Rural Communities, Native American Communities, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean)

Use the TGTeMarket Technology Platform to:

  • Reach 100,000+ people everyday

  • Search 10,000+ products from 2,000+ sellers

  • Pay with local currency (only for some countries)


Become a member/partner to sell your products and:

  • Get FREE web site on eMarket

  • Display your products

  • Sell locally and internationally

  • Use international packaging, shipping and handling standards


TGTeEntertainment provides users with access to worldwide radio, tv, music, movies and video games, as well as local entertainment anywhere they go.


TGTeEntertainment has access to over 2,000 radio stations, 200 TV stations, 20,000 video games, 20,000 movies and music or all genres.

Use the TGT Business Resource Center to get everything you need to start a new online business.


Use the TGTeSolution Technology Platform for:

  • Domain name search

  • Web Hosting

  • Web Design

  • SLS Certificate

  • eCommerce Store

  • Business Email

  • Online Marketing


Content Specifically Designed and Tailored for Local Use


Internet of Things for the local community:

  • eBooks - over 6 million books available for schools, students and professionals

  • eFinancial Inclusion - financial access for 80% of the population that is unbanked. Purchases, remittances, transfers, savings, credits and donations

  • eWeather - weather forecast for local areas. All major cities within the country

  • eBusiness - your access to the business world. Jobs postings, resumes, network contacts and company web pages

  • eNavigation - navi and traffic information


TGT addresses the almost non-existent broadband penetration in Emerging Market Countries and the unavailability of relevant local content by:

  1. Deploying affordable, accessible, and highspeed wireless broadband based on advanced technology solutions,

  2. Developing a Network Operating System (NetOS), unique to the TGT Network, that provides far superior user experience and enhances user efficiency/productivity and

  3. Leveraging state-of-the-art/cost-effective broadband technology and partnerships with top global technology partners for timely and cost-effective implementation.


TGT offers subscribers access to meaningful and impactful local Apps anywhere the subscriber may be as long as they are able to log-on to the network.



Your personal space for your pictures, movies, chats, business and events planning - share some/all with family, friends or the entire world.

Your personal portal

Text and chat with your friends and family anywhere in the world for free.

Post your pictures and music and movies. Share with the world or with a few friends


myPics - your pictures from any device android, iOS, windows accessible to you anywhere on any device, Share with friends and family or anybody else

myChat - talk or text with friends and family from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world

myScenes - store and share your videos from home movies, YouTube with friends

myTV - live stream your events to friends and family parties, weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies, anniversaries

myPlans - your daily schedules

myEvents - events planning. Plan your events, take registration and RSVP. Notify friends and family

myBusiness - your personal space for all your business needs - business cards, resume, network contacts

myGames - your access to the business world. Jobs postings, resumes, network contacts and company web pages

TGT Cloud


Businesses and individuals have access to major software to manage their enterprise. Pay-as-you-go. Only pay for what is used. Positive impact on the bottom line

Business Resource Center for SME's

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Access all the software you want. Use all the software you need

Pay as you go. Pay only for the software you use


- Office Software


     - Accounting


        - Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)


           - Customer Resource Management (CRM)


              - Point-of-Sales (POS)


                 - Restaurant Management

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