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Transformational Projects

TGT teams with government, business and industry leaders to develop Transformational Projects - individual or series of interventions that support deep, systemic, and sustainable change with the potential for large-scale impact in an area of a major development challenge




Cabo Ledo, Luanda, Angola


The Cabo Ledo Project is a rural-to-urban transformation project which will change the project site into a regional centre for healthcare, tourism, commerce, and entertainment. The Cabo Ledo Project site is 460 hectares of prime ocean front location in the community of Cabo Ledo, Municipality of Quicama, Province of Luanda.. The area has as it’s boundary to the North, the community of Sobe e Desce – the Northern boundary is ~1.5 km long, to the East – Estrada N100, the Eastern boundary is ~3.78 km long. The Western boundary is the Atlantic Ocean which is also ~3.78 km long and the Southern boundary is Terreno – which is ~1.8 km long.

Cabo Ledo Development will establish world class infrastructure for the supply of electricity, water, sewage treatment, and LTE broadband communications; establish major healthcare infrastructure to service the people of Luanda, the larger population of Angola and the neighboring Southern African countries; Establish world class hospitality and retail industries, and amusement park; and establish a small residential area with condominiums, apartment, and single family homes mostly for workers in the area


Urban Regeneration Project, Lagos, Nigeria


The Project site is a strip of land located by the Marina’s Central Business District, running alongside for 2km and extending 240m across the strip, and 60m into the tranquil inner Harbor, opposite the Apapa Port on mainland Lagos Marina.

TGT as the ICT Integrator coordinate the disparate requirements, technologies, equipment and service providers into a seamless architecture for the Smart City.


Urban Regeneration Project, Houston, Texas


A mix-use development project which incorporates innovative green technologies, serves the needs of the community and fits into the plans of the city. It includes a residential units, a wellness center, roof garden and green energy.


Sustainable Economic Development, States in Nigeria


Through the Partnership for Economic Development - a TGT Initiative, we identify critical areas for investment and development and viable projects in each area, TGT in conjunction with world renowned resource developers and financial institutions build, operate and manage the projects. Each project is structured such that NO FUNDING is required from the State Government


Pipeline Security System, Nigeria


Multi-tiered Pipeline Security System that includes - Wireless cameras with day and night vision capabilities, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones (UAVs), Command and Control Center, Dedicated Broadband Network,  and Remote Sensing Satellites or Persistent Threat Detection System.

Transformational Project - Special Feature

TGT teams with Triton Systems to develop a transformational Space Transportation Vehicle - the Stellar-J


The Stellar-J is a Transportation System that will radically transform the delivery of payloads to orbit and long distance, short duration transportation on earth. It is a space vehicle system that consists of a reusable first stage and expendable upper stages. 


The reusable first stage is a delta-winged hybrid vehicle that is part aircraft and part spacecraft. It has jet engines for horizontal take-off and landing, and would climb to between 25,000 and 75,000 feet. The rocket engines ignite to take the vehicles to between 150,000 and 400,000 feet depending on mission profile. The second stage separates and takes the payload to its mission destination. The reusable first stage returns to a designated landing location.


Unlike most launch systems, Stellar-J will be able to deliver payloads to any altitude or inclination, and the launch window is almost limitless.

Technology partners include: Aerojet Rocketdyne for rocket engines; Triumph for wings and entire fuselage manufacturing; Swift Engineering as the Integration Contractor; Barber Nichols for turbo-pumps, and propellant dump; Draper Labs for avionics and flight software; Moog for flight control systems;  and Honeywell or Raytheon for flight computers.

The development is in Houston and operational base will be at the Ellington Space Port.

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