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Who We Are

TGT is a high technology company focused on high technology development in the United States and high technology systems, services and infrastructure deployment in Emerging Markets. TGT concentrates on projects that are enabled by sophisticated communications technologies some of which are available for commercial deployment only through TGT. TGT has local presence in several locations around the world such as Houston, Texas; London, England; and five sub-Saharan African countries. The company: 1. Deploys low cost, high speed, wireless broadband infrastructure and data services – Cloud, Content and Apps - with significant local content for e-health, e-agriculture, e-schools, e-security and e-market; 2. Builds, installs, operates and maintains Distributed Energy Systems based on “clean” energy sources such as solar, wind and natural gas, and revolutionary high density energy storage capabilities; 3. Develops transformational projects - individual or series of interventions that support deep, systemic, and sustainable change with the potential for large-scale impact in an area of major development challenge such as “Smart Cities”; 4. Develops Space Systems hardware and software; 5. Deploys highly effective Advanced Security Systems for mitigation of threats from militant activities, natural disasters, Monitoring boarder in remote areas, Pipeline Security; and 6. Develops RFID for the medical industry, the oil and chemical industries (MSDS), and supply chain for the US Department of Defense.

Creating enabling environment for sustainable development

in emerging markets

Our vision is the development and deployment of low cost technologically advanced systems and services that connect all of Africa and is affordable for the masses.


Our goal is the establishment and profitable operation of business enterprises that offer inexpensive systems and services relevant to the local communities.


Our success criteria include connectivity for all students, meaningful capacity for educational and medical institutions, affordability for the low paid workers, and valuable local content for all.


Our strategy is to deploy regionally, with the first deployment in carefully selected countries within carefully selected regional economic sub-groups

- Transformational Vision

       - Innovative Technologies

                   - Impactful Projects

TGT Leadership

Senior Executives

CEO – Dr. Segun Thomas, Former Chief Technology Officer and Former Director of Advanced Engineering at Lockheed Martin Exploration and Sciences. Extensive experience in leading large organizations, complex technical integration, and coordination across countries.

CTO - ICT (interim) – James Redding, Managing Director, Evolve Corp with extensive experience in the deployment of LAN, WAN, GPRS, WiMAX, Microwave, and Satellite communications infrastructure in emerging markets.

CTO - ICT (West Africa Ops) – Mr. Yinka Adegbuji, Former Managing Director and CEO of NITEL – one if the largest telecommunications enterprises in Africa, with extensive technical and operational experience.

VP, Marketing and Media Relations - Mark Eddo, former Business and Economic Correspondent at ITN, former correspondent for BBC News. Founder of Mark Eddo Media and moderator of several high profile international events such as the United Nations Habitat Conference in Italy and Colombia, and the 2015 African Union Summit in Johannesbourg.

CFO – Mr. David Kinnon (interim) – Professor at University of Glasgow and former Director, Business Recovery at Baker Tilly. Widely recognized and respected authority on corporate financial structuring and business transformation.

VP, Strategic Development and Operations – James Eddo, former Director of Alliance at Micro Focus. Led major global alliances, extensive experience in Africa and emerging markets.

Executive Adviser – Ambassador (Ret) Olukorede Willoughby, Former Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information, Former Permanent Secretary – Manpower Development Organization, Nigeria; and Former Acting CEO of NEPAD. Extensive experience in Nigeria and Africa development issues based on his decades of service in the Nigerian Foreign Service.

Executive Adviser – Dr. George Taylor-Lewis, Former Director African Development Bank Group, Special Adviser ECOWAS and  MRU. Consultant Govt. of Sierra Leone. Extensive  experience in developing large-scale multi-country projects and resource mobilization

Executive Consultant – Engr. Frank Jarrett, Former Managing Director , Sierratel, Former Director Business Development – Africa IDT Corporation . New Jersey. USA with extensive Experience in Managing Telecommunications & ICT Infrastructures.

Board of Advisors

Dr. Mae Jemison – Former Astronaut and first woman of color in space. CEO of BioSentient. Professor at large – Cornell University and former Professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth University. Leader of the “100 Year Starship” Project. Author of eight major books. Appeared in 7 major films.

Amb (ret). John Simon – Former EVP of OPIC and former U.S. Ambassador to the African Union. Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development. Founding Partner of Total Impact Capital. Served as Special Adviser to the President and Senior Director of Relief, Stabilization, and Development for the National Security Council.

Mr. John Butt is Founder and General Partner of Conduit Ventures Ltd (“Conduit”), a UK and Shanghai-based principal investment firm managing capital contributed by blue-chip institutions from Europe, Japan, the Gulf, US and China. Conduit specializes in sustainability-driven investments in energy/distributed power, water and food security across different growth markets.  John is responsible for the strategic growth direction of the Conduit funds and has represented Conduit and other institutions on the boards of companies in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

Mr. John Berry – Former Managing Director and Transformational Director at Abbey National. Non-Executive Director - Hermes Pacific Investments, CEO – Customer Buyology, Ltd. Leading International Retail banking trainer and transformation specialist.

Profile - Dr. Segun Thomas

Dr. Segun Thomas is the Chief Executive Officer of TGT, Inc. He is responsible for all business and operational decisions of the company.


Prior to establishing TGT, Dr. Thomas served as the Chief Technology Officer for Exploration and Sciences and Director of Advanced Engineering at Lockheed Martin supporting the NASA Johnson Space Center in the development, operation and maintenance of space vehicles, sub-systems, and components. Dr. Thomas managed hundreds of engineers and scientists in developing aspects of the Crew Exploration Vehicle – the next generation of space vehicles that will replace the Space Shuttle and take humans to Mars, the libration or Lagrangian points and beyond. He held other key leadership positions in the American Space Program including Program Director of the GN&C Autonomous Rendezvous and Capture Development for the Hubble Robotics Vehicle Program. Dr. Thomas also worked on the Space Shuttle and Space Station programs. He managed technical departments responsible for the analysis, design and development of the Space Shuttle and Space Station sub-systems; managed research/development departments that were responsible for all of NASA/JSC's robotics systems, all of the shuttle and station flight dynamics and all the engineering simulators. He also managed departments responsible for the development, operations, and maintenance of fifteen multi-billion dollar laboratories and test facilities.


Dr. Thomas received his Ph.D. from Columbia University, is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and author of numerous journal articles and book reviews. He is affiliated with four universities, and has been an Adjunct Professor at two universities. Selected Astronaut Candidate finalist. He is on the board of directors of two high technology companies. He served on the board of directors of the National Management Association and the Black United Fund

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